User Guide

A getting started guide to help you hit the ground running with PeerBie MyWork.

New to PeerBie MyWork and not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

PeerBie MyWork can help you collaborate with your team, get the latest company announcements, stay up to date on work being done by other teams and departments, and connect with more people across the company. That sounds like a lot, we know, but PeerBie MyWork is actually pretty simple. This guide will walk you through how to:

  • Activate your profile
  • Download the PeerBie MyWork app
  • Set up your profile
  • Join, create and connect in teams
  • Create tasks, Start Day & End Day
  • Save important stuff within collections
  • Manage Issues and Trouble Tickets
  • Communicate with coworkers through chat
  • Manage your notifications
  1. Activating your profile

Activating from email

If you have a company email address, look out for an email inviting you to join PeerBie MyWork. Click on the link and follow the instructions to activate your profile.

Search and Join from the apps

Or you can use any of our apps to join your company workspace. Simply download and sign up and then join existing workspace. Type company email domain and you will be prompted with a join screen.

  1. Mobile apps

The PeerBie MyWork app make it easy to stay connected to your team in and out of the office. Download the app to make sure you never miss an important update.

PeerBie MyWork App:

  • IOS
  • Android
  1. Your PeerBie MyWork profile

Setting up your profile helps your coworkers find the right people to talk to when they have important questions. Add a professional photo to help people put a face to a name, and add your skills to highlight your strengths. You can also add a short bio to tell your coworkers a little more about yourself.

  1. PeerBie MyWork teams

Teams are the building blocks of PeerBie MyWork. They are spaces for communication and collaboration that help you stay informed and connected.

To see all the teams you’re a member of, you can go to your teams menu and click. Then, click on any team you are part of.

Creating teams:

Anyone can create a new PeerBie MyWork team but before you get started, make sure to use search to see if that team already exists. If it does, join it. If it doesn’t, you can create one. Here are a few things to consider when creating a team:

Team purpose

PeerBie MyWork teams are typically created for:

  • Company, regional and office-specific announcements
  • Departmental announcements like new launches, marketing campaigns, sales wins, etc.
  • Team and project collaboration
  • One-on-one communication between a manager and a direct report
  • Social communication, to help you connect with your coworkers over shared interests and experiences

Privacy setting

There are 4 different privacy settings for Workplace groups:

  • Open: Anyone can find an open group, join and see posts.
  • Closed: Anyone can find a closed group but only members can see posts.
  • Private: You have to be invited to join a secret group. Non-members can’t find secret groups and won’t be able to see any posts.
  • External: For external organizations. Requires an invitation link by team Admin

Note that your organization’s System Admin will be able to see all teams, including private and external teams.

Communicating in teams

Communication in teams happens through posts. Posts help keep discussions organized via comments, and are easy to find again days, weeks and months down the road.

Here are a few tips to help you create engaging posts and make sure they’re read:

  • Break up big walls of text and highlight important information.
  • Add images, videos and files to your posts. People will be able to see previews of your files in your post and, if you add a PDF, they will actually be able to add comments and feedback. Plus, any file added to a post in a team will be automatically stored in that team’s files tab, so it’s easy to find again later.
  • Tag people to trigger notifications, it’s the best way to make sure people see your post.
  • Try not to post outside of working hours.
  • You can also open to-do lists, projects and products within teams and only members of that team will see all this data
  1. Create tasks, Start Day & End Day

Create a task list for this team by clicking on create task. Make sure to add privacy as the team. This will automatically inform all team members about the task list. Now you have a place to assign tasks to yourself as well as team members. This will create an auto post in news feed so you can keep track of who is doing what and when at any point in time.

Start Day

Click home plus button and you will see Start Day action on top. Once clicked, system will list all the unfinished, important, repeated tasks to choose from. Once chosen, your teammates will receive an auto comment indicating that you started your day and you plan to finish those particular tasks. That simple and powerful!

End Day

A day that starts should also have an ending. When you are done with your work, you can click the same button which indicates now as “End Day”. This will list you all the actions that you have planned for your day including its status. Once End Day action is taken, an auto comment is generated to be shared with your team mates indicating that you have finished your work day and you have closed those particular tasks.

  1. Save important stuff within collections

Create collections for all the important stuff that matters. To name a few, project collections, announcements, special topics. You create collections so you have a folder of important posts that are all together and no need to ever search for them.

Create a Collection

You can choose any post and select save to collection action. This will also prompt you to create a new collection as well. While creating a collection, there are 2 factors to keep in mind:

  • Privacy field: Set it to whoever you want to provide access to including just yourself, team, department
  • Open to participation: It is up to to make the collection Read-Only for others. If you elect open to participation, then your coworkers can also contribute to the collection.
  1. Manage Issues and Trouble Tickets

Issue management service allows to see tickets created internally and externally.  You can always create a new ticket against products.

Create a Ticket

Click to go to issue management from short cuts. Tap onto plus to create a new issue. Enter product, severity, title and description to enter issue details. And a ticket will be created.

  1. PeerBie MyWork Chat

In Workplace, asynchronous communication happens through posts. Posts are best when you don’t need an immediate response, and want to make sure the information you share is easy to find again later. For synchronous communication, you have PeerBie MyWork Chat. Chat is best when you need an answer fast or just want to have a casual conversation with coworkers.

You can start a chat with one person or a group of people and share files, photos, videos, GIFs and more.

  1. Managing your notifications

As you continue working in PeerBie MyWork, you’re probably going to join more teams, and that’s going to mean more notifications. We know some notifications matter more than others, so PeerBie MyWork makes it easy to modify your notification preferences to help you stay on top of your workload.

You can always mute the entire workspace from settings also.

Edit notifications from specific teams

Some teams, like team and project teams, are going to require more attention than others, like social teams. Your notification preferences for teams are automatically set to ON, but if you ever want to modify those preferences you can do that by silencing the specific team.

Manage the notification volume

In settings, choose notifications and you can control the volume of notifications. Default setting is all posts. You can change this to “All about you” which means you will get only relevant notifications such as replies or mentions.

Silence posts

You can always mute certain posts so that they are generating any notifications until it is un-muted.

Filter your notifications

Try starting your day by narrowing down your notifications to Tags & Replies. This will help ensure you don’t miss posts you were specifically mentioned in, or any questions or comments on a post or comment you’ve made. After that, switch to Unread to get caught up on everything else.

  1. Monitor your performance

To get feedback from other parts of your organization, create an open cross-functional feedback team for

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